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For over 55 years Canada Goose has developed an industry leading understanding of down insulation technology. That knowledge has allowed them to choose the best blends of down, in addition to crafting their own premium proprietary blends, to suit the very specific requirements of each down insulated jacket. They make sure the right down goes into the right product.

All Canada Goose down blends contain some Hutterite down, this is among the most premium Canadian down available. The main advantage comes from the tremendously dense down plumules that hold and retain more warm air than most other types of down. The result is greater warmth, generated by less fill and in turn lighter garments without sacrificing warmth.

The baby collection is cute and cuddly and packed with features that protect against the most extreme temperatures to keep your child warm during the winter months.

The kids collection has Canada Goose's newest feature, the Gosling Graduate System, which allows sleeves and pant legs to extend, growing with your future explorer from season to season.

The youth collection from Canada Goose has created a collection for today's teens with warmth and style in mind. To protect against the cold climates all over the world.

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